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I would like to officially apply for the Head of Marketing in the Human Resources Department. As you know, I have held a variety of positions in the Marketing Department over the last six years, starting with my position as a part-time intern and moving up until I became the Head of Communications in 2010. During that time I have acquired skills that make me an ideal candidate for this promotion.

In the last two years as Head of Communications I have worked to keep three teams of employees running smoothly by acting as liaison to the board of directors, facilitating meetings and designing interdepartmental communication guides. I have a congenial, professional relationship with all 26 members of my team. I would love the opportunity to put my people skills to use with your staff as well.

I can provide three internal recommendations upon request from Ted Roberts, Julia Stone and Clarence Parker. They have been my superiors and colleagues for the past six years and can attest to my strict work ethic, my accountability, my knowledge and skills on human resource subjects and my boundless desire to do a job quickly and well.

Thank you for your consideration. Please let me know a time that we can meet at your earliest convenience.

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