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My name is Laurie Jones and I'm a senior at University of Portland, double majoring in Communications and Environmental Engineering. I've been exploring my avenues forward into a career path in Environmental Law, and I would love the opportunity to see the daily responsibilities and minutiae involved. XYZ strikes me as the perfect place to gain this experience, as a midlevel legal team with active suits against major corporations over the use of crude oil.

I would really appreciate the opportunity to job shadow you for a day, and to have the opportunity to discuss your career and higher education with you before or afterward. I understand that this is a demanding, time-consuming job, and I don't want to bother or inconvenience you. However, this would be incredibly helpful to setting me on the right path for my future.

I appreciate any wisdom you can offer, and I will strive to accommodate any opening you might have. I will contact your office next week to see if there is a convenient time that the two of us can meet. Thank you so much for your consideration.

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