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I am writing today to submit my application for your available Staff Writer position, as advertised in XYZ Magazine. As an avid reader of XYZ Magazine, I was thrilled to see that you are hiring. As an experienced journalist who has achieved a wide variety of publications, I believe my skills would be highly valuable in this position.

As an investigative journalist, I have written on topics as diverse as the 2000 election in China (ABC Magazine, May 2000) to fraud in online reviews (DEF Digest, June 2005). However, the majority of my articles have concerned my personal passion, theater and the arts in Michigan. As your staff writer in the review department, I believe my experience as a freelance journalist would be highly valuable.

In addition to my freelance journalism work, I have also held several editorial positions. I worked as a fact checker at Anytown Gazette, and as a junior editor at Anytown Magazine. These positions have driven home the important of meeting deadlines and managing my own workflow, which are very valuable skills for a staff writer.

I have included my resume, which lists a selection of my published articles. A full bibliography can be found online at my website, I am available to start immediately, and I can be reached at (555) 555-5555. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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