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As a recent graduate of ABC Law School, I would like to apply for a position as an entry-level attorney within your firm. I have been admitted to the bar and I have extensive experience with families, prenuptial, child support and adoption cases.

It is my ultimate goal to be a divorce and family lawyer. I strongly believe that it takes a compassionate and skilled hand to guide people through difficult familial situations and to help put their lives back together. Over the last three years, I have been involved in Advocates and Alimony, an on-campus group that advises low-income parents on child support, visiting rights, and custody battles.

I have long admired XYZ Law for its professional and efficient way of approaching complex, highly-charged issues. After reading extensively about the "DEF vs. GHI" case, I became convinced that this is the best place for me to grow in my craft and career.

Thank you for your consideration. I will be in contact with your office later in the week.

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