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For as long as I can remember, mentoring has been my passion. Even back in elementary school, I was often the one whom teachers would choose to show new kids around campus. In high school, I was a teen mentor with Groundbreaking Organization. My first after-school job was at the Girls and Boys Club.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and I am about to secure my Masters of Public Administration, with an influence in nonprofit management. I've been attending University of Oceanfront via its remote program and it has truly taken my understanding of executive organization and management to the next level.

While I'm enjoying the learning experience, my heart remains with mentoring. I've worked in the nonprofit field for the past 15 years, starting with a college internship with the Famous Humanitarian Organization (FHO). After graduating with a bachelor's degree in Psychology, I went to work for the FHO full time, starting as grant writer and ultimately being promoted to Grants Manager. During the year of my leadership, we secured $5.6 million in grant funding.

Ultimately, I missed mentoring too much and left the solitude of the FHO office to the cozy-yet-hectic Girls and Boys Club. I loved being close to the "action," and while I was Mentor Coordinator, we saw a 300% increase in volunteers as I transformed the community experience to be more member-driven while at the same time expanding positive business and governmental partnerships.

I still felt that I could make even more of a difference in kids' lives and, with the guidance of the national organization, I launched and cultivated the first-ever Central Valley chapter of the Big Buddies Organization. I served as executive director for three years before philosophical differences with the board of directors, combined with the birth of my first child, led to my departure.

I then worked from home as a consultant and grant writer until my kids were all in school, at which point I accepted a part-time position as executive director of Bike Ridership Nonprofit. This allowed me the flexibility to be home for my kids after school while also pursuing my MPA.

Graduate studies have given me a new appreciation for the intricacies of nonprofit management. Working closely with my cohort on group projects has done wonders for my collaboration skills. I get my degree in May and I'm ready to take my service to the next level.

I would love to meet with you regarding opportunities at XYZ Nonprofit. I heard through the grapevine (AKA our mutual friend John Johnson) that changes may be in the works in the coming months.

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