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   Marketing Cover Letter

I read your advertisement for a marketing and communications manager in the Seattle Times with great interest. I have been working in marketing for the last three years and that, coupled with my education, makes me confident that this position would be an excellent match for me.

Many of my qualifications are rooted in my education, which has been extensive. I received a bachelor's degree in marketing and communications from Temple University in 2008 and then received my MBA from the University of Texas, Austin in 2010. Since graduation I have worked as part of the marketing and communications team at ABC Company. Three months ago I was promoted to Marketing Manager. While I enjoy the position, I feel that my skills could be put to use in a larger professional setting.

My formal training and work experience have resulted in the following accomplishments:

I think the scope and focus of your company provides wonderful opportunities for expansion. I am certain that, given the opportunity, you will find me more than adequate to grow your customer base and increase your presence within the field.

Thank you for your consideration. I will give you a call next Monday as a follow-up. I look forward to speaking to you at that time.

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