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   Minimum Wage Job Cover Letter

I am writing to express my interest in the office assistant position you advertised in {forum}. I am a long-time reader of XYZ's {Publication Title}, and I am eager and excited to be involved in the beautiful work you create.

I have {number} years of experience with office organization, and while it is not specific to publishing, I have been commended twice by {Company} for my efficiency, organizational skills, and friendly demeanor. While I have a great love of literature and publishing, I understand that I would primarily be called upon to sort files, contact grant providers, arrange proofing copies, and send out press releases. I believe that my skillset as a {position} at {company} has prepared me for the stamina and mental workload required.

Attached is my resume. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a publication I admire so well. I will contact your office on {date} to ensure this application was received. Thank you.

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