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I am writing to apply for the Master of Business Administration program at ABC University for Fall 2015. I have been interested in the program here since reading John Doe's book, The Art of MBA, and a recent conversation with alumnus Jane White cemented my resolve to pursue my studies with your institution.

I am currently in my final term at Portland State University, where I am set to graduate magna cum laude in the top five of my class. I will receive a double major in business management and Chinese. It is my goal to manage international sales in a Fortune 500 company. I have worked hard to cultivate the leadership skills, and now I am ready to move into graduate work.

In addition to my education, I have been accepted as a project leader at the DEF program. At three months in, I have already cultivated managerial skills, mastered the GHI techniques, and gained fluency in the JKL software and accounting systems. I lead a team of four employees in three projects that promote interpersonal skills and bilingual translation services.

I look forward to channeling my experiences and skills into the MBA program here, as it has an exceptional reputation for foreign exchange and linguistic services. This program is an exciting opportunity that puts me firmly on my lifelong career path.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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