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It was lovely to speak with you on May 7th regarding a home loan. My husband Greg and I believe that the payment plan your bank offers is exactly what we need to help bring our home-owning dreams to fruition. We can make the monthly installments without a problem and are grateful for the opportunity to consider houses in the Whitaker area. As per your request, I have included the necessary documents with this letter.

Greg and I are both employed and hold stable positions. I am a financial analyst for DEF Inc. and work there part-time. I have been a member of the team for the last seven years, and only moved down to part-time hours two years ago in order to take care of our daughter. I have attached copies of my W-4 form, but you can also call my supervisor, Theresa Black, at (555) 123-4567 to confirm my employment dates.

Greg works as an electrical engineer at GHI Plant. He's been a full-time employee there since 2005. His supervisor is Sandy Baker, and he can be reached at (555) 765-4321.

I am including our credit reports for your perusal. I did a credit check as recently as May 1st, and our credit ratings are good. Also included are our payment stubs and a brief outline of how our income and savings will be allotted to the monthly loan installments.

Greg and I are looking forward to finding a good home where we can raise our daughter. Thank you for considering our application. If you need anything further from me, please feel free to contact me at (555) 555-4739.

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