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I noticed when reading through the Omaha Gazette that you had placed two ads for different jobs: assistant chef and dishwasher. If neither position has been filled, I am interested in applying for both of them since I believe my skill sets suit me equally well for either job.

I attended Culinary Arts University in Lincoln from 2007 to 2009. Since graduating, I have worked in a number of restaurants doing various tasks. I have served the food industry as a waitress, a hostess, a dishwasher and a chef. I am open and enthusiastic about all jobs that deal with making and serving delicious food to happy and satisfied customers. Some of the restaurants I have served or cooked in are Cloud 87, Chloe's Bar and Grill, Sweet Thai, Tokyo Sushi, Larry's Steakhouse and Hot House.

I am quick and efficient as a dishwasher, making sure that all dishes are cleaned and ready to use before there is a need for them. As a chef, I am trained in making healthy and delectable Szechuan, Sweet and Sour and Kung Pao dishes. Since I am well trained and experienced in both areas, I leave it to you to decide where my skills would be of most use.

Thank you for your consideration.

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