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   Nanny Cover Letter

I am contacting you on the recommendation of Rebecca Newberg, who told me that you are in the market for a new nanny. As it is the start of the school year, I am looking for new families to help provide care for. I was hoping that we could find some time to talk about what your needs are and how I might help meet them.

I have been providing summer child care for the Newberg family for the past four years. Throughout the school year, I am available for afterschool care and evening babysitting. I have been a professional nanny for seven years in the Portland area, caring for children ages two to thirteen.

In addition to the usual qualifications (Food Handling, CPR, Epi-Pens, and First Aid), I am also a certified substitute teacher, a believer in creative redirecting, and adept at correctly handling food allergy issues. I believe that children should be listened to and acknowledged for their feelings, but that safety, education, and respect for themselves and others should be paramount at all times.

I am happy to provide references when we meet. I have attached my resume for the sake of expediency. Thank you for your consideration.

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