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When I first entered high school as a freshman, I never imagined that I would be applying for the National Honor Society my junior year. I assumed that only valedictorians could be considered for such a prestigious membership. After the last two years of high school, though, I've come to realize that the defining qualities you're looking for are hard work, perseverance, integrity and leadership. I believe that I have demonstrated those qualities over the last four semesters, and I'd like to submit my application for membership.

While my GPA is not perfect, I have still put every effort into challenging myself academically. Instead of taking standard Calculus classes to satisfy a requirement, I pushed myself to get into the Advanced Calculus class taught at OSU. While I often felt confused and frustrated while trying to absorb the material, I put in several hours of study each night to make sure that I was confident with the theories and practices. After months of hard work, I brought my grade up from a C- to a B+. I've never been prouder, since the As I've received came more easily to me.

I've always felt that high school is as much about networking and building social skills as it is about education. With that in mind, I have joined the school soccer team and volunteered as a tutor for Algebra math students. I became team captain for the soccer team within the semester because I was able to motivate other teammates to participate more enthusiastically in warm-ups and training. I have helped a number of students improve their grades in math. I think that I am particularly good at it because I know how much dedication and focus is needed to learn a difficult subject.

I have included a resume that lists my volunteering and academic experience. Thank you for considering me for this wonderful society.

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