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Many people think of waiting tables as a temporary phase; I have chosen to make it my career. Your restaurant has always been a shining example of good food and great service, and I would like to be considered for the part-time position as a waiter.

Food and customer service are my passions, and with twelve years' experience as a waiter for restaurants such as Le Poisson, del Alejandra, and Ruth's, I have learned patience, efficiency, and an iron-clad smile. On busy nights I have handled as many as twelve tables at a time. I do not get orders wrong and I have never had to refund a bill. My customer feedback has always been excellent.

As important as precision is, I believe that customer service is essential. I am polite and unflappable, even in the face of a man who once asked me, "If [I] got fat eating the food here." My response was, "Not at all, sir, but the cheesecake makes me wish I had." I believe that this firm, friendly attitude is what makes me a useful, engaging server who is not easily provoked.

My schedule is extremely flexible, so unusual hours are not a problem. I can devote as much or as little time to your restaurant as you see fit. Either way, I believe that I would be a strong, skilled addition to your team. Thank you for your consideration.

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