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I was the kid who would bandage my stuffed animals, setting up a makeshift hospital with doll beds packed with a sad array of injuries and maladies. My parents lost count of how many "strays" I brought home.

Fast-forward to now and I'm about to graduate from the ABC School of Veterinary Medicine with my vet tech credential. I no longer think that every animal ailment can be fixed with cuddles and a Band-Aid, but my passion for pet care remains. I am compassionate yet realistic, communicate well with clients, and am calm in any crisis. I've attached my grades as well as two reference letters.

I have been working as an assistant at XYZ Veterinary Services for the past year, but my goal is to secure a full-time position as a veterinary technician. When I saw your advertisement, it felt like the perfect match, especially given your focus on exotic animals. (Besides a dog and two cats, I have a rabbit, an iguana, and a cockatiel in my menagerie.)

Please let me know when you'd like to meet for an interview.

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