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   Problem-Solver Cover Letter

Do you encounter a lot of students who struggle with basic essay structure, grammar, thesis statements, and textual evidence? If so, I would like to offer my services as a personal and group tutor in English literature, ESL, and SAT/GRE prep.

I've been tutoring students since I was getting my bachelor's in English literature. Although there was no official tutoring program at ABC University, I established a study group and worked with more than 15 students over the course of four years to bring their GPA up past a 3.5. I also tutored English, Spanish language, and creative writing students while getting my master's in teaching.

I am passionate about helping students learn to express their ideas both creatively and grammatically. Forty-five percent of my standardized tests students have placed in the top 20% of the GRE or SAT, and I have never had a student finish a class with lower than a B. I am pleased to extend my services to your students and help them find their voice.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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