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Teaching high school students well does not mean just knowing the material or being able to explain it to novices. The true art to teaching high school is to present the material in a way that is succinct, instructive and yet also engaging. While there may currently be a large influx of qualified teachers toward your excellent school, I am sure that you must value the creative and enthusiastic spark that someone like me can bring to your faculty.

I have been a high school English teacher for the past 16 years at a school in Santa Barbara. I have recently moved to Miami to take care of my parents. In my time at Crescent Valley High School I taught Introductory English, Mythology, College Prep, and Advanced Placement English. My AP students consistently rank in the top 20 percent for AP test scores in the state of California. Over 50 percent of students who take my College Prep course get into their first choice of college.

I design the curricula for all my classes and try to work new and exciting ideas into the world that values only essays and speeches. For one project on Go Down Moses I had my students construct a genealogy chart and discuss the symbolisms and themes that emerged. For a creative final the students chose a novel we had read and designed their own creative play, song, poem or essay based on style, tone, motifs and themes we had discussed in class.

Attached is my resume. I can provide recommendations upon request. Thank you for your consideration.

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