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   Receptionist Cover Letter


I am writing in response to the ad that you posted in the Gallafrey Times. I am a highly skilled and experienced administrative assistant looking to take on secretarial and management duties. I have held positions for ABC Company, LMN Company and QRS Company. In that time I have acquired knowledge and efficiency when it comes to organization, communication, training and client interaction. I am interested in bringing these skills to your team.

I am a cheerful and enthusiastic people-person. I do well under pressure and I am especially good at multi-tasking and keeping several projects running at the same time. Some of my important achievements and strengths include:

My experience as both an assistant and a receptionist suit me well for the advertised position. I would like to meet with you in person to discuss the ways in which I can help benefit your company. I will contact you at your office in the next two weeks. You can reach me any time via phone or email. Thank you for your consideration.

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