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   Referral Cover Letter


A mutual friend of ours, Mr. Luke Steerman, advised me to send you my resume. He said you had important insight into the choral job market in New York. I know Mr. Steerman through the Seattle University School of Music, where we both conducted student choir classes.

I have recently made the decision to relocate to New York, and I understand that jobs in the arts are extremely hard to come by. I would appreciate any information or tips you have to offer on how to set up a job search, whom to contact and where to find a safe apartment! My experience in choral conducting has included choirs for men, women and mixed arrangements, and I have a teaching degree as well.

Attached is my resume. I will give your office a call early next week so that we can set up a phone meeting at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.

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