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   Rental Cover Letter Bad Credit

Thank you for considering me for the studio apartment at the XYZ Complex on Killingsworth. I am looking for a quiet place, and I am not one for loud music or large parties. I believe that this studio is perfect for my needs, as it is close to my job and my friends. I don't smoke and I have no pets. I am employed fulltime as an accountant, and I enjoy reading and caring for my plants. I have never been evicted, and I have always paid my rent on time.

I understand that this application process will involve running a credit check, and I would like to be upfront with you. I have bad credit, due in large part to losing my job three years ago while suffering from an illness that hospitalized me. The resulting debt torpedoed my credit, and I have been working very hard to bring it back up to my usual standards. I am attaching a payment stub to show my monthly income, as well as a banking statement declaring the money I hold in my checking and savings accounts. I guarantee that my previous lapse in credit will not affect my timeliness or consistency in paying rent.

Thank you for your consideration.

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