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Thank you for considering our application. We are a young, fit couple who are both active in the community and who have been looking for cooperative housing in a place that works for us over the last six months. We love the way XYZ Co-Op has so many options for community service, and the way that neighbors are paired according to their abilities and needs.

We have been partners for four years, and we are hoping to have a baby in the next two years or so. While we both loved living in the city, one of the problems we've consistently had is feeling alienated from others, so we both put in special effort to give back. Laurie volunteers at the soup kitchen on Morrison once a week, and David arranges fundraisers for underprivileged families in northeast.

Both of us are craving more community interaction on a daily basis. We love being able to get the mail for our elderly neighbor and to take care of our other neighbor's dogs when she travels for work. We're also social people with a few skills to offer. Laurie has a green thumb and gardens whenever she can; David does carving and jewelry-making from his study.

As tenants, we hope to be respectful and low-key individuals. We don't smoke or drink; we have one indoor cat that is housetrained and well-behaved. We like to listen to classical music in the evening, but we are careful not to disturb others. Both of us are employed full-time, Laurie as a middle school counselor and David as a patent clerk.

Please let us know if you need any other information. Thank you for your consideration.

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