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   Rental Cover Letter Prior Eviction

I am excited to submit my application for the one-bedroom rental at XYZ Apartments. It is absolutely perfect for my needs-close to my school and work, and also in walking distance of grocery stores and bus lines. The second I walked into it, I felt that it was the right space for me. I have a small dog, and will happily pay the pet deposit according to the application guidelines. I don't smoke or play an instrument.

I should let you know that I have been evicted from rental housing in the past. I lost my job two years ago and was unable to meet the demands of both student loans and monthly rent. After falling behind over the course of two months, I was evicted. I returned home to my parents' house, and I have been working full time since then to maintain enough money to get my own place.

While I take full responsibility for my failure to pay rent and maintain the requirements of my previous lease, I am starting from a much stronger place and have consistent monthly income. My father, David Jones, is also willing to cosign the lease.

I respectfully request that you continue to consider me for this apartment, as I will be a courteous tenant and make sure that my payments are timely and in full. Thank you for your time.

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