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   Rental Housing Cover Letter

I am writing to inquire about the duplex off of SE Gladstone. My name is Laurie Jones, and my partner Joel and are extremely interested in the property. This house looks gorgeous, and we love the open floor plan and the big windows. We've been searching for a single-family residence in that area, and this perfectly fits the bill.

We are looking to move in to a new place by February 1. We have a short-hair, indoor/outdoor cat that is small, housetrained, and well-behaved. I am a full-time editor, and my partner is a music teacher who does private lessons. We both love gardening and board games, and neither of us cares for loud music or parties. Although Joel does have several musical instruments for his work, no lessons or band practice will take place on the property.

Both of us are fully employed and neither of us has been evicted from a previous residence. We are so excited to see this beautiful property in person. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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