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   Request For Tender Cover Letter

ABC Co. has an opportunity for a mid-level construction firm to construct a new library on the west corner of {location}, and we are inviting the tender for lead applications for this project.

{Project} is a wonderful new project in need of a sharp eye for cityscape, skyline, access, environmental factors, and modern aesthetics. The building will be {dimensions} and {stories}, with an emphasis on {design features}.

We are searching for a company with {workforce numbers} and experience in {type of architecture} to lead this project. Construction will begin {date} and must be finished by {date}.

Preliminary design work will be accepted from {date} to {date}, and final bids will be accepted no later than {date}. Further information can be found in the attached documents. All enquiries can be directed to {Name} at {contact info}.

Thank you for your consideration.

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