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   Request for Loan Cover Letter

My name is Laurie Jones and I own Lock Gnocchi, a small Italian restaurant on 4th and Jameson downtown. As my business has prospered in the last three years, I am seeking a $35,000 loan to expand and renovate my property.

My restaurant has been successful since it opened in 2011, largely due to the fact that it serves varied, authentic Northern Italian food, rather than traditional Americanized fare. The popularity of my restaurant requires more seating very soon. My ambiance is designed to project a cozy, European atmosphere, and I find that in order to maintain the charm, I will need to add a second dining area to the building and expand my parking lot. I plan on adding 300 square feet to the current dining room, as well as 15 new parking spaces in our current lot.

I have attached my budget proposal outlining the allocation of funds, as well as the business plan for my restaurant. Lock Gnocchi has been financially successful, bringing in $834,280 last year. A balance is included in this packet, along with my installment plan.

Lock Gnocchi is rapidly becoming a popular neighborhood fixture, which I believe makes my application a solid investment. I will be in contact with you later in the week to check in on the status of my application. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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