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   Research Assistant Cover Letter

I am writing to express my enthusiasm concerning the request for an Anthropology Research Assistant that was posted on the Portland State University website yesterday. As a recent graduate with extensive research fellowship experience, I believe that I would be an ideal match for this position.

I graduated from Portland State with a bachelor's degree in Anthropology in 2010. For the last two years I have been a Graduate Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago. Some of my time involved teaching undergraduate discussion groups and guiding the students on core terms and writing essays. The rest of my time was spent under the tutelage of Professor David Barrymore. I am proficient at collecting, scoring, entering and analyzing data, as well as storing, transporting and using Lavaliere microphones, transcription devices, and language analysis software.

It is my belief that passion is the most important part of a career, and mine has driven me to work hard, collaborate with others, and teach new students with enthusiasm and excitement. I am both knowledgeable and eager for the opportunity, and I hope that you find that combination a good fit for your assistant.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you further about this position. You can reach me at the contact information listed above.

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