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   Retail Cover Letter


As a motivated, self-starting student, I am seeking a position in retail to expand my knowledge of sales, design, presentation, and customer service. I would like to be considered for the Sales Clerk opening at XYZ.

I have been a customer of XYZ for many years, and have contributed to the selection with my consignment contributions. Therefore, I am well-versed in the layout, policies, and sales approach from your employees Nadine Green, John White, and Pat Brown. They have been helpful in showing me the basics of assistant buying, display arrangements, and price checks.

In addition to my knowledge of XYZ, I have also worked behind the counter for the last three summers at ABC Company. I am familiar with several models of cash registers, and I have no trouble ringing up multiple purchases while engaging in cheerful, friendly conversation.

Thank you for your consideration. I will contact your offices next week to set up a meeting.

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