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I am writing to you today to apply for your Research Assistant position, available at XYZ University. As a graduate of Anytown University's master's program in chemistry, I believe I would make an ideal assistant given the focus of your research.

While I have held many different administrative jobs in the sciences, I believe my most applicable experience is my master's degree in chemistry. I completed my master's thesis on the effects of X Compound on Y Compound. Working under Dr. John Smith, I provided general research assistance while conducting my own research. The results of our study can be found in the forthcoming June issue of ABC Magazine.

Having studied your research extensively, I believe I am in an ideal position to provide general lab assistance and research services. I am an extremely organized and methodical worker, and I believe these skills will help me move your work forward quickly and efficiently.

I have attached my resume, references, and official transcripts. Thank you for considering my application, and I greatly hope to work with you soon.

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