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As an experienced community outreach coordinator with a master's in social work, I was excited to learn about your opening for the Community Education Manager position at XYZ. Having been immersed in the education system for the last five years, I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with other people who share my passion for social work.

When I first began exploring social work, I was volunteering at a domestic violence hotline through CARDV. I learned very quickly how much of a difference I could make just as a calm and stable resource for people who didn't have anywhere else to turn. It was a position that didn't allow me to be angry on behalf of those who had been abused, raped, threatened, and broken down by their situation.

But I was angry. Angry that the violence against these men, women, and children was invisible within the community, that it remained invisible and ignored. It inspired me to get my master's in social work and to start the program ABC Inc., which travels to schools and educates students about healthy relationships and warning signs of abuse. I have provided literature, counseling, and education to students from ages 12 to 18. It has eased some of my anger and frustration to see the recognition and awareness that these students gain at a young age, and the passion for change it inspires.

What I am looking forward to at this juncture is the opportunity to work with other adults who are creating similar safe spaces within the community. Having been in charge of 10 – 15 volunteers targeting different age levels and promoting different materials, I'm used to a fast-paced environment with a lot of planning and administrative requirements. I believe that XYZ is doing the same work that I believe in, and that you have a platform to bring community together when it comes to education, outreach, and resources. It's my goal to continue that work, and to contribute in any way I can.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking to you about this exceptional opportunity later in the week.

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