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Teaching requires a wide range of skills and experience, and I think you will find my resume similarly varied. I have at my disposal a wealth of certifications and degrees that qualify me to teach History and Social Studies to high school students.

To me, however, that is not as important as the passion involved in making a child interested in a subject, or in simply making them sit up and take notice. As a teacher at ABC School, I increased the number of students who passed the AP Exam by 23%. I did this by making the information new, and by using sources such as Howard Zinn's book, The History of the People to show differing and unheard perspectives.

I have taught English in Japan, woodworking to elementary school students, and a general overview of world religions to a Baptist Sunday School. My work has ranged over many subjects and with many people, and that has taught me diversity, tailored approaches, and flexibility. In order to teach, you must engage. And in order to engage you must find the elements that fascinate. I believe I have discovered that in my teaching career.

Thank you for your consideration.

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