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As an engineer with a bachelor's degree in both computer science and software engineering, respectively, I am pleased and excited to apply for the opening for a computer software engineer at XYZ.

Throughout my undergraduate work, I have followed and admired the way that XYZ creates products such as the ABC, which eliminated all of the bugs that had so frustrated me when using DEF and GHI. I have spent the last two years working extensively on new features for GHI and JKL, with a final project creating MNO that was picked up and successfully marketed by PQR Inc.

My experience with software engineering is broad and has extended into:

While I was only given preliminary courses in writing code and programming, I have pursued it as multiple electives, leading to proficiency in HTML, C++, CSS, and Java. I find that this additional knowledge makes it easier for me to find and fix problems within the software.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking to you about this exceptional opportunity later in the week.

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