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I would like to express my strong interest in joining your magazine in a writing and editing capacity. As an established writer and editor with nearly 15 years' freelancing experience, I know that a magazine like XYZ is always looking for writers with a fresh voice and a new angle.

I have been subscribing to XYZ since 2006, and as soon as I read the article "50 Ways to Love Your Loser," I was hooked by your bold, irreverent style and the way that you played with structure in order to keep list formats interesting. I have an ear for this kind of style, and Louis Gardener, a colleague of mine, recommended that I get in touch with you.

XYZ Magazine is a pioneer in humorous feminist literature, and I am a strong proponent of the movement. I currently sit on the board of directors for Gendered Words Magazine, I am the editor for Clarity Journal, and I have been published in Juno Journal, Slings and Despair, O! Magazine, and

As someone who holds long-term positions and accepts short-term assignments, I have scheduling flexibility alongside an incredible ability to hit a deadline on the nose from fifty feet away. Although I am proficient in casual writing styles, I have also memorized the Chicago and AP style handbooks. And, finally, I know how to write.

Thank you for your consideration.

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