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I'm so pleased and excited to apply for the Drinks Columnist as XYZ Publication. I have been reading XYZ since it was a print magazine back in 1998, and I've followed it online ever since. The creative cocktails and attention to mixology I found there in articles such as "10 Best Drinks for Summer" and "Top Cities for Mixologists" put me on my path first to mixology and then to freelance writing.

My time spent as a bartender and mixologist has given me a great love and understanding of the bar scene throughout Portland (as well as some of the lesser-known gems, such as ABC and DEF). I believe it takes a bartender to really know the cutting-edge work that's going on in the restaurants, dive bars, and pubs around town.

I understand that writing quality will be your foremost priority. Like many bartenders in this city, I got my bachelor's in English literature. I've also spent the last six months taking GHI classes under Susie Queue and submitting freelance articles that have been published in JKL, MNO, PQR. Attached are samples of my work, which I believe will show that I'm a good fit for your publication.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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