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   Work Visa Cover Letter

Enclosed please find my application for a work visa, along with a copy of my passport, my requisite forms, birth certificate, fees, and letters of support. I appreciate your consideration, as I am prepared and excited for the opportunity to contribute to my new community in your country.

In July 2015, my partner, Sarah Goodman, started a job at DEF Inc. as a computer programmer. It has long been our dream to buy a house and start a family very soon. Sarah and I are very community-oriented people. When she lived here in Portland, we were very involved in our church at GHI Methodist, and I have been a volunteer at the local shelter for the last four years.

In addition to bringing the passion that I have for outreach, I believe that there are many opportunities for me to further my education and contribute to the job force. I have six years' experience at independent bookstores filing research material, creating art spaces, and coordinating readings and literary events. I know that my passion for the written word and my experience in managing and creating communal gatherings would easily help me find a place.

I am requesting a JKL work visa for the six-month trial period dating from June 1 to December 1, at which time I hope to begin the path to citizenship.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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