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   Cover Letter - Unemployed


I am writing in response to the public relations director advertisement in the May 31 edition of the New York Herald. Your ad states that you are looking for a PR professional who is well-versed in crisis management. I have this experience, and more.

I am seeking a new challenge in the field of public relations. I followed up a bachelor's degree in journalism (public relations emphasis) with four years working in progressively higher levels of responsibility at ABC Company. There, I was able to:

* Assist the PR director in managing the fallout when embezzlement by a mid-level manager was revealed. The crisis became an opportunity, as we took the chance to increase transparency in the organization.

* Take the lead in coordinating and assisting print and broadcast media responding to a fire at ABC Corporation's central warehouse.

* Facilitate balanced news coverage in local media outlets and suggest feature story topics, resulting in 32 positive pieces about the company.

* Revise ABC Corporation's crisis management plan.

I would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss my background and how my qualifications can benefit your company.

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